Demae Iccho Factory

Demae Iccho Factory

Make Demae Iccho by hand in the factory. Enjoy the entire process of kneading, spreading,

steaming and seasoning the wheat flour and drying it with the flash frying method.

Entry Information

Length of session: 90 minutes 

Participation fee: HK$120 per person (same for adults & children) 

Maximum capacity per session:

- Mon, Tue, Thu: 12 persons

- Fri, Sat, Sun: 24 persons

Number of wheelchairs accommodated per session: 2 wheelchairs

(If participants are wheelchair users, please contact us at 34066600 or email before purchasing tickets to make appropriate arrangements.)

Entry Instruction:

1. All persons entering the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM must hold a valid admission ticket.(Including exhibition areas)

2. Each ticket admits one person only.

3.Children under 110cm are not allowed to participate.

4. Visitors participating in "Demae Iccho Factory" must purchase tickets in pairs to play in groups.

5. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed admission to the workshop.

How to Participate

Book your workshop session(s) via the Online Reservation System.

How to Make Your Original Demae Iccho

Wash your hands
Knead the flour by hand
Thin out the dough sheet using a noodle maker
Cut the dough sheet into noodles
Place the noodles in a colander and steam
Design your own pack. Be Creative!
Flash frying method
Seal your own Demae Iccho. Complete!