Exhibition Areas

CUPNOODLES MUSUEM HONG KONG is a new milestone which showcases our vibrancy and ambition in bringing new experiences and inspiring creativity and curiosity for visitors through educational and entertaining interaction related to food. 

The Innovation Journey of Momofuku Ando

CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong pays tribute to Momofuku Ando, who dedicated his entire life to thinking about food in new and creative ways.

The Museum also aims to immerse visitors into the innovation journey of Momofuku Ando that changed the food culture of the world. 

Cup Noodles Wall

The Cup Noodles Wall displays Cup Noodles from 17 countries which shows the huge variety of packages

from around the world and it is the photo spot not to be missed!

Ching Chai’s Creative Team
Ching Chai’s Creative Team
Tasking with the responsibility to bring innovation to life throughout the Museum, Ching Chai will join the crew as Chief Creative Director.

The Big Cup

“The Big Cup” introduces the reverse thinking concept. Mass production of Cup Noodles was only made possible when Mr. Momofuku Ando applied reverse thinking into production.