Holmes at the Museum

CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong is celebrating its first anniversary and will be presenting an original series of new detective games in real settings.

Game Information

Ticket and pricing:

$50 per Game Pack

(In order to enjoy the most of the game, it is recommended that a group of 2-4 players purchase at least 1 pack; a group of 4 players or above purchase 2 packs)

Game Pack includes:

  1. A game book ( a souvenir for you!)
  2. A pencil ( a souvenir for you!)
  3. Game cards (please return to the Museum before leaving)

How to join

  1. Get your game pack at the Museum* (subject to availability). (Participants can upgrade their experience at extra cost upon getting one or more tickets to a featured workshop.)
  2. Follow the instructions on the game cards to complete the missions
  3. Check the answers to collect respective stamps in the game book


  • There are no time limits to the game, as long as you complete the missions within the opening hours of the Museum.
  • The game can be completed in 30 minutes.

Age restriction

The game is suitable for all age, however, children under 3 must be accompanied by an adult.


There are fixed time schedules for the featured workshops. It is suggested to start the detective game after the workshop.


Terms and Conditions