CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong Celebrates the Birth of Instant Noodles on 8.25 with $25/8 Pcs Flash Offer


The birth of instant noodles marks an important step in the global food culture. However, do you know the origin of the first instant noodles? On August 25, 1958, the founder of Nissin Foods, Momofuku Ando, invented the world’s first instant noodles - “Chicken Ramen”, with an aim to solve the food shortage after the war. To commemorate this meaningful occasion, CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) will run the unprecedented Best Flash Sales on Noodles for 4 days from 25 August onwards! Customers can choose any 8 packs at $25 of your choice from up to 15 flavours of noodles.


The well-acclaimed “Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” which offers special deal on Nissin products every Friday is back with the new Refreshing Summer Bundle! Customers can choose from Nissin’s 3 hottest product lines of Bar Noodles, Bar Udon, Granola, and Fresh Salad, with up to 20 flavours. To spice up your summer, the latest hot items Nissin x IRVINS’s Stir Noodles in Salted Egg Flavour and Hot Boom Salted Egg Flavour (3 packs) are sold at a special price of $18. Make the most out of your consumption vouchers by claiming all these banging offers at the Museum!


The Best Flash Sales on Noodles in Celebration of the Birth of Instant Noodles

“Chicken Ramen” as the first instant noodles in the world and the first product developed by Nissin Foods, has marked a major step forward for the global food culture. To celebrate this remarkable creation, the Creative Director of the Museum, Ching Chai has prepared an exclusive $25/8 pcs offer – the Best Flash Sales on Noodles from 25 – 28 August, with 15 flavours of noodles for you to choose from. Invite your family and friends to join the signature workshops where you can learn more about the fun facts of instant noodles, and come grab the best deals while you can!

Create your Own Refreshing Summer Bundle from Top 3 Nissin Product Lines

“Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” is launching a mix and match offer. Create your own Refreshing Summer Bundle to your heart's content by picking your favourite flavours from the Japanese ramen-like Bar Noodles/Bar Udon, the breakfast Granola and the convenient Fresh Salad Vegetable.