Cheese and Curry Lovers, Rejoice! Check Out for Bargains on Top Product Lines at "Nissin Friday BUY & TRY" Cheese & Curry October


Party time for cheese and curry lovers! Being the all-time favourite flavour of many,“Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” is delighted to be launching a Cheese & Curry Promotion at CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) every Friday this October! It’s time to visit the Museum again for these hard-to-find deals and offers with the new round of consumption voucher.

Say Cheese… and Curry!

If you are a fan of cheese and curry, do not miss the handpicked items from a variety of noodles and potato chips, which brings exceptional excitement to your taste buds. The Museum is also introducing

5 new items to upgrade the collection of cheese and curry. It includes the mouth-watering Demae Iccho Spicy Curry Flavour, Nissin Retort Pouch Curry (3 flavours) that perfects your cuisine, and the Big Cup Cheese Curry Flavour that suits the fans of both! Hot items including the Bar Udon, Fuku Noodle and Demae Iccho Macaroni will all be on promotion. Give these a try at a bargain price of HK$10 only for 3 packs of delectable chips of all flavour at your choice!

Bespoke Experience for Cheese Lovers

To add a little extra joy for cheese lovers, a complimentary portion of jumbo cheese bites will be added to your bespoke Nissin creation when you choose a spoonful of cheese flavour ingredients in the My CUPNOODLES Factory Workshop during October. It is absolutely a fun and delightful activity not to be missed! Stock is limited, hurry and be the first to savour this exceptional new item!