CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong 2nd Anniversary Prologue: Double Happiness Foodie Bags with an Assortment of Signature Products in Two Launching in March


The well-acclaimed CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) is launching the Friday special “Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” this March again, with all Nissin products coming with top offers. To kick-start the 2nd anniversary celebration, the Museum introduces two limited 2nd Anniversary Double Happiness Foodie Bags at a bargain price, in which all products come in two. The Foodie Bags will be available throughout March. Visitors can share the joy with their loved ones.

To mark the anniversary, the Museum presents all signature flavours of the popular products in the Signature Duo Foodie Bag, including Cup Noodles Seafood Flavour, Deame Iccho Hokkaido Wheat Flour Sesame Oil Flavour, Nissin Granola Fruit and Nissin Koikeya Foods Karamucho Potato Chips. In addition, to bring double happiness to all, a New Flavour Duo Foodie Bag is prepared. Products from the 3 signature workshops including Cup Noodles, Demae Iccho and Granola are all available in the bag, together with the popular Nissin Koikeya Foods Karamucho Potato Chips Tamjai series, and 2 Cup Noodles folders that are the must-have for schoolers and commuters! Selected items in the foodie bags are all the latest flavours and additions to the brands. The two foodie bags are

only priced at HK$80 each! Available in March only, grab the Foodie Bags before the stock lasts. Enjoy these awesome products with your loved ones, while sharing the joy with us at the Museum for double happiness!

Besides, the creative director of the Museum Ching Chai is introducing new soup bases and ingredients to the signature My CUPNOODLES Factory. Come for the debut of a couple of special ingredients, be inspired and create your own Cup Noodles. Stay tuned for more from Ching Chai!