CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong 2nd Anniversary Campaign Rolling Out from 30 March:Double Choices.Double Happiness


CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with “Double Choices.Double Happiness”, a month-long anniversary campaign from 30 March. The choice of soup flavours and toppings at My CUPNOODLES Factory Workshop will be doubled from 4 soup flavours and 12 toppings to 8 soup flavours and 24 toppings. The new additions include the introduction of museum-exclusive refreshing fruits such as apple and papaya for visitors to turn their creative ideas into reality. Take this rare chance to create the world-exclusive Cup Noodles! Ching Chai and Ching Mui will meet and greet you and your friends at 4 new photo spots, where you can take a closer look at a variety of special Nissin toppings. The food journey of curiosity is about to begin, come join us!

Since its opening, the Museum has been dedicated to sparking curiosity, stimulating creativity while nurturing visitors with food. The popular clam chowder, lobster bisque, shrimp and tomoato as well as laksa are among the 4 new additions of soup flavours during the anniversary celebration. Besides, the choice of toppings has also been doubled with 12 new items, including the all-time favourite clam meat, and an array of refreshing fruits and veggies such as onion, fried bean puff, mushroom, potato, tomato, raisin, papaya, apple, cashew nut and red bell pepper for the creation of quirky and unique Cup Noodles. Spice lovers must also turn up the heat with the new chilli ring! Enjoy these new flavours, new combinations as well as some of the most creative fun.


If you are searching for more excitement, look no further, as Ching Chai has also initiated the creation of 8 world-exclusive flavours for Cup Noodles, including Tomato and Potato Pork Soup, a comfort food for Hong Kong locals, Salad Freak, a refreshing combination for those who crave light meals, Cheese Lobster, a delux combo, Meat Lovers, the best choice for hungry meat-eaters and Red Hot Lovers, an eye-catching and tasty addition. You will have the chance to try out all of these creative fun flavours at the Museum!