CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong 3-year Anniversary Presenting New Exciting Limited Time Offer throughout April


“CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) 3-year Anniversary Sports Carnival” has officially been launched last month, bringing together elevated photo opportunities, games and leisure entertainment that are fun, as well as an entire month of “3-year Combo Price” shopping offer, which has been very well received! In light of the positive feedback, the Museum is introducing the 2nd stage of promotion with additional exciting shopping offers in April, where shoppers can continue to enjoy trio deals at $20, $30, and $40 for three different products from selected brands, covering a variety of products from Demae Iccho Cup, Nissin Harusame, Nissin Cisco Ciscorn Crisp Choco and Nissin x IRVINS Salted Egg Flavour Stir Noodle! In addition, the “Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” promotion at the Museum will also be on in April. All food will be sold at tasting price on each Friday of the month to double up the offer! This is the best opportunity for everyone to pick up a selection of yummy items at a bargain, fuel up and carry on with the lively sports atmosphere from the 3-year Anniversary!

The Museum is bringing some new limited time offers with 3-year Combo Price in April, including:

$20/3 pieces: Demae Iccho Cup or Nissin Harusame Collection

• Demae Iccho Cup encompasses classic Sesame Oil Flavour, fresh and tangy Tonkotsu Flavour, and rich Seafood Flavour. The Demae Iccho Cup Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Flavour has combined fresh garlic with roasted garlic, unleashing unparalleled flavour and incredible texture. Hot and spicy food lovers must give the Demae Iccho Cup Spicy Tonkotsu Flavour a try. The unique ingredients include a secret formulated spice sauce with a mix of different spices, adding a sensational taste to the soup.

• The low-carb Nissin Harusame are exotic in taste and texture, complimented with 3 exquisitely formulated soup, including Korean Kimchi Flavour, Vietnamese Chicken Coriander Flavour and Chinese Tan Tan Flavour. Each flavour has listed the calories clearly to fulfil workers who are mindful of their own health and well-being.

$30/3 pieces: Nissin Cisco Ciscorn Crisp Choco Collection

• Nissin Cisco Ciscorn Crisp Choco comes in many flavours, including the rich sweet and sour Strawberry Flavour, sweet and romantic White Choco Flavour, and the alluring Crisp Choco, one of which would satisfy your cravings. Select your favourite flavour to perfect your dining experience!

$40/3 pieces: Nissin x IRVINS Salted Egg Flavour Stir Noodle and Hot Boom Salted Egg Flavour Stir Noodle Collection

• If you would like to treat yourself, pick up the Nissin x IRVINS Salted Egg Flavour Stir Noodle and Hot Boom Salted Egg Flavour Stir Noodle (3-Pack), both of which are made with thick noodles that is flat and bouncy, full of salted egg aroma, and also comes in with an alternative hot boom salted egg flavour. The IRVINS hot boom salted egg flavour seasoning powder is specially made and totally irrisistable. Do not miss the chance to grab 3 packs of these stir noodles at the $40 3-year Combo Price!

On top of the “3-year Combo Price”, the “Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” promotion at the Museum will also be on in April. All food will be sold at “Tasting Price” on each Friday of the month to double up and upgrade the offer and the food, so keep an eye out for the promotion!

After energising yourself with great food, go for the must-attend workshops, which are My CUPNOODLES Factory, Demae Iccho Factory, and My Granola Factory, as well as a variety of wonderful limited time activities. Go wild and have fun at the Museum!

“CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong 3-year Anniversary Sports Carnival”: Referencing on 10 different games that Team Hong Kong has made history in, Ching Chai has specially dressed in smart attires for respective sports, and stationed at various corners at the Museum for visitors to get excited for pictures. “3 Limited Time Competitive Games” with themes on three most popular sports, tennis, football and fencing are ready at the three signature workshops, for you to unveil your potential in sports, and win special prizes. Get all three tickets to each of the workshops available during the promotion period and receive a set of limited edition Ching Chai sports look stickers! (available while stock last)

Original series of real-setting detective games,‘Holmes at the Museum’: You may also upgrade your experience and get a game pack for the original series of real-setting detective games at the Museum, ‘Holmes at the Museum’ at $50. Embark on a fun-filled journey, unveil the secret of the Museum manager, and win a game book and limited-edition stamps!